Reliable D.A.W.G. Fight Tea
Reliable D.A.W.G. Fight Tea

Reliable D.A.W.G. Fight Tea

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Reliable D.A.W.G. Fight Tea

Doing All With Greatness!

You're in a D.A.W.G Fight,

Blood pouring from every sight,

Fighting hard to survive,

While eyeing the ultimate prize.

You grow stronger with every defense,

One cup of our Reliable D.A.W.G. Fight Tea,

Turns you into a lean, mean fighting machine,

This superior athletic targeted tea infusion packs more punches than Mohammed Ali. Energize, invigorate and recharge every cell in your body with our aptly named tea "Reliable D.A.W.G – Doing, All, With, Greatness Fight Tea." This exquisite herbal blend combines the super-charged ingredients of green tea alongside licorice, ginger, ginseng, and cinnamon, boasting stress release, blood circulation, and antioxidant properties. Perfect served hot or cold and with a dash of honey.

 Ingredients: Green tea, Ginseng, Licorice, Ginger, Cinnamon, Nature identical flavors- Ginger, Mint, Rose