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Do you remember the good old days? A time when life was a simple as ABC. A period in time when our superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman repeatedly saved the day. Well, get ready, because a new set of superheroes and animated characters are coming your way, and believe me when I say that you don't want to miss out The MentaliTEA Folks animation and comic strip.

Our modern-day community of superheroes powers themselves through the day with the help of The MentaliTEA Folks. These men and women are vibrant, passionate, and cunning - no battle too big, no struggle too small, and most importantly, ready to take an extensive dive into the inner workings of the mind.

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Can't Stop Me Now
"I'm a gigging musician working for artists all around the world. No matter where I
am, I make sure I travel with my bag of teas from MentaliTEAS. They're proven to
get you through your performance. It's so important to connect with your
audience. I credit my improved focus to my teas. Give this company a try you won't
be disappointed".
Roy Sutherland - Freelance piano player.
Tea-rrfic My best-friend.
"I started at University this fall, and I experienced quite a shock to my system at
the amount of time I needed to attend seminars. I was struggling with mental
fatigue and concentration issues. My campus wellbeing adviser handed me a
leaflet for a company called MentaliTEAS. I have been drinking their calm and relax
teas for about four weeks. I credit this company with helping to turn around my
productivity. I urge others to give them a go as well".
Sammy Mooney – First-Year student studying Marketing.